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We are looking for a motivated self driven person to join our growing team in our Chandler, Arizona office.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Manage Social Media by posting relevant content and responding to messages/posts/ads
  • Organize schedule to manage Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Tik Tok
  • Innovate and create ideas for posts and portray who Andar is to our followers
  • Create content in the Andar offices and warehouse
  • Assist in finding opportunities to work with influencers and set up collaborations
  • Integrate and adapt Andar brand into all forms of social media
  • Study updates and trends in all forms of social
  • Help grow PR by utilizing social media connections
  • Work closely with the Brand Director and Influencer Marketing Strategist
  • Find opportunities to organically grow all social media platforms
  • Stay informed on new product/restock/event/sales schedules 
  • Be an expert on Andar products


Job Requirements and Preferred Skills: 

  • Live in or near Chandler, Arizona
  • Full-time and dedicated to the Andar mission
  • Past experience in social media or social media marketing
  • Expert knowledge of Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and Tik Tok
  • Efficient typing and communication skills
  • Ability to think critically, problem solve, and work independently
  • Willing to improve constantly and work in team setting
  • Coachable and willing to handle constructive feedback
  • Have deep knowledge of social media and it’s impact on a business
  • Driven to keep the Andar mission in mind and become an ambassador for the Andar Brand
  • Family oriented culture, opportunity to grow a career from the ground level

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We are looking for a motivated person to help our operations team hit goals in our Chandler, Arizona warehouse. 
Job Responsibilities: 
  • Thoroughly inspect products to meet company quality standards
  • Prepare products to be shipped and add final touches
  • Package products with unique Andar packaging
  • Work directly with warehouse manager to hit inventory goals
  • Receive warehouse and product supplies
  • Clean and manage workstations and warehouse waste/recycling 
  • Learn operations of global small business


Job Requirements and Preferred Skills: 
  • First things first this is the most fun warehouse to work at in Arizona
  • Live in or near Chandler, Arizona
  • Coachable and willing to handle constructive feedback
  • Detail oriented 
  • Have expert knowledge in Andar products
  • Responsible and punctual
  • Willing to improve constantly and work as a team
  • Be able to hit daily goals in busy environment 
  • Be able to critically think and represent Andar
  • Opportunities for quick growth with start-up company 

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